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I Write Irresistible Content with Oomph so You Won't Just Be Seen but LOVED by Your Audience

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If you are still trying to DIY every single thing in your business only to end up overwhelmed and exhausted with very little time for anything else, then I GOT YOU!

Creating content on a daily grind can be very tedious. It eats up so much of your hours and energy.

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Marian Roncesvalles brand storyteller

Hi! I’m Virtual Marian - Marian Roncesvalles!

Mom of 6, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Brand Storyteller, and Content Strategist since 2006!

I create irresistible content with oomph so your brand will be on top of mind and you'll never have to chase, ever!

Why Work With Me?

I Humanize Brands with DFY Content

As a content strategist, I put strategy into play NOT by manipulative sales or intrusive cold pitches but rather by humanizing your brand with DFY content so you can connect, nurture, and strengthen relationships with potential clients or customers with a brand message that is:

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Marian Roncesvalles brand storyteller
Marian Roncesvalles brand storyteller

There’s too much clutter and noise out there, you can’t be a part of that CHAOS and be INVISIBLE 

Understand for a fact that we have a SKIMMING GENERATION 

Mobile-driven, social media-obsessed, has relatively short attention spans, and want QUICK RESULTS

So, how exactly do you get into their radar?



You have to BE THAT BRAND that echoes your customers’ pain points and totally get where they’re coming from

Let’s give your BRAND VISIBILITY and ENGAGEMENT a BOOST with COMPLETE CONTENT from website copy, blogs, email sequences, ebooks, social media posts, video training or webinar scripts, and podcast or YT scripts that gets your foot right on the door of your market!

The right CONTENT STRATEGY or BLUEPRINT can help you position your business or brand as the BEST SOLUTION or their GO-TO BRAND out there!

And this is what I’m bent to do for your business

All or nothing!

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