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4 Cash Pulling Business Models You Can Leverage With Your New WP Skills

In this fast-paced era, speed and accuracy is an in-demand commodity especially if you are looking to dominate the web. WordPress is dubbed to be the most revolutionary, fastest, and intuitive content management system that ever swept the virtual space– and it is this popular for a reason. If you are not yet working around WordPress, you could be missing a lot of this powerful tool. Yes, around 74 million sites use WordPress – more than enough for you to jump swiftly right into the bandwagon.

Nothing is more click-bait than this keyword – “free”. This is one obvious edge of WordPress – it’s free to use and no hidden charges. Nothing tops WordPress when it comes to ultimate flexibility and out-of-the-box functionality. The platform is easy to use. You can work your way around it in a matter of minutes.

There is a massive demand for WordPress and there are ways to rake income from it. Work remotely and be able to set your own rates and hours with WP skills. Here are 4 cash-pulling business models you can leverage with your new WP skills that you can start today:

1. Be a Digital Marketer. Yes, selling digital products is a breeze with WordPress with the use of this free plugin – Easy Digital Downloads (EDD). All you have to do is integrate a payment gateway like PayPal, Amazon Payments, or Stripe and you’re good to go. You can also use the WP eStore plugin which costs $49.95 inclusive of free lifetime updates. Digital products sell like the proverbial hotcake and it’s also cost-effective, scalable, and easy to manage. There is zero to minimal overhead costs, no need to maintain inventory, and you can do away with the burden of shipping costs. You can sell wide variety of products like ebooks, themes, plugins, video tutorials, eCourses, and music. In addition, you can also sell complementary items like physical books.

2. Be a WP Consultant. While you can rake in profit by selling WordPress products and services, there are people who want to learn WordPress for their businesses and just need expert direction by a WP consultant. So, if you got mastery of WordPress and people-oriented, you can get into the WP consultancy career.

3. Be a WP Blogger/Writer. Content reigns and is still “king” – so why not profit from that? You can offer free downloads from your website in exchange for their email addresses; as well as initiate call-to-actions to get you the conversions you need. The WP platform is ideal for content marketing with the integration of the right keywords or keyphrases that search engines love to crawl into. This will help you promote your products and services online by getting your target community and social channels revved up. Mouth-of-word advertising remains to top it off even when targeting mainstream audience and social media routes. Provide real value to your target audience, and watch how exactly it improves brand recall and awareness.

4. Be a Website Flipper. Similar to real estate, you can do buy and sell with websites for a higher profit margin. This is fairly easy to  do as you buy websites, enhance or change themes, customize plugins, add valuable content, and get it out in the web marketplace. There are lots of buyers who find it practical to buy flipped websites than build one from scratch.

With WordPress, your site rolls crisp and up-to-date. You’re confident with top-caliber developers to back you up, you get optimized multi-user capability and wide range of e-commerce solutions that can get you that steady cashflow. If you want to quit your day job and start focusing on being your own boss – then WordPress would be your best ally in business. When the going gets tough, you have to learn to innovate and upgrade your skills from newbie to expert level, be able to unlatch content bottlenecks, so you can grab the largest slice of the internet pie.

While there are other CMS platforms pitted against WordPress, this still holds the top spot. It provides a vantage point that enables every digital entrepreneur to lock in success from day one.

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