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4 Reasons Why You Should Create An eCourse

Tuning in to your own brand is what makes a coach or mentor effective in the digital realm.

Connecting from within is how you disengage yourself from the noise of other brands out there. In reality, it’s hard to shut out all this noise but it’s the only way to find your own voice.

The beauty of creating an eCourse is that it’s scalable. However, your content should be tested before you actually put it out for sale.

The laptop lifestyle per se has been such a hit a couple of years ago that it’s so easy to get people to sign up to an eCourse. Right now, you really have to up your game to get noticed.

HINT: Don’t play that entrepreneurial game of appearing successful. While it’s appealing to the masses, faking it is not the best route to success – it would always appear staged.

You see, a lot of brand marketers seem to be stuck up with that label of being an “expert”. It gives you that instant lift or “high” but ultimately everything boils down to RESULTS.

Are you able to provide the solutions your customers need or want?

That label of being an expert is only validated when you are able to provide SOLUTIONS or results to your audience or customers.

What is an eCourse?

eCourses are basically online courses because these are taught on a virtual platform instead of face-to-face sessions. This could be in the form of mastermind groups, live sessions, assignments, and pre-recorded 

Growing a business takes work and time. Creating an eCourse essentially helps cement your position as an authority or expert in the niche.

It Helps Build Your List

This “flipped” classroom setup can help you build or grow your list. This will also help broaden your audience and even segment those who are really interested in what you have to offer.

People who decide to opt-in or are responsive and excited about your offer are the ones who are really engaged with your brand. That’s the right audience to tap into for other offers or premium courses.

It Helps Validate Your Product

All too often, we tend to focus more on the content or the product and forget about user experience. Market research or tests are important in order to validate a product.

Crafting an eCourse also allows you to assess the strengths (and even weaknesses) of your product.

For instance, if you have a time management app as a product then designing an eCourse that is specifically targeted to busy digital entrepreneurs, marketers, or even work-at-home moms and dads will help you draw a solution for people who are finding it extremely challenging or difficult to manage a schedule and be more productive.

An eCourse or a course idea that strongly supports the need and demand for your product will guarantee that this idea can fly. Don’t worry about not having a unique concept.

A lot of golden ideas out there actually have tight competition but still manage to be successful because they focus not just on shaping a product that matches customer needs but more so on providing an effective product that can inspire and motivate people to take action.

It Creates an Opportunity for Engagement and Conversations

In this digital age, there is a massive influx of information. In fact, the main challenge of many brands or startups nowadays is how to get noticed – or how to cut through the noise.

The goal of an eCourse is to deliver information and to educate or train a target audience following a specialized niche or expertise.

The target is how to turn the tide around for a problem area. Not only that, an eCourse is meant to cultivate rapport and trust within your tribe.

Here is where you aim to draw out inspired people who are actually excited to take action out of the information or strategies you provided.

You may have the perfect tagline or have the best influencers retweeting about your brand on Twitter, but without results, all of that won’t matter.

Ultimately, your best marketing strategy lies in the RESULTS you create from your eCourse.

You may not have social proof at first but great coaches are able to create success stories, one person, at a time.

Digital footprint and good old word-of-mouth advertising is potent machinery to drive engagement around your brand. It’s the little conversations, digital murmurs, or social media buzz that matter – all organic!

People who are inspired by your brand or whose problems have been solved or have had astounding results from your product or eCourse would usually talk about it online.

Appreciation posts on Instagram or Facebook  would encourage conversations revolving your brand. There will be like a cult following or raving fans who will stir interest in support of your brand.

It Naturally Leads to a Bigger Offer

The great thing about offering an eCourse is that it helps you to leverage. It basically helps you to get amped up so you can easily pitch bigger offers to your target audience.

An eCourse actually tips you on which areas are you practically killing it and which ones need some modifications; so you can offer MORE.

Do you know that you can make a person emotionally buy into or commit to you, even before you get to your message or launch a product?

Creating an impact is a mix of effective persuasion, visuals, and the words you use which will prime your target audience to decide that you have the product that can change their lives.

This is what moves them towards taking action. It’s what fuels anticipation. You tackle pain points and pull them into your own angle with stronger momentum.

You build interest, offer ideas on increasing their earning potential, revamp productivity levels, and actually conclude that they need to ramp up on your course offers.

They would nod in agreement and anticipation knowing that your offer is actually a golden nugget or a great investment. At this point, you have built credibility and dismantled any hesitation to opt-in or buy.

The Secret Sauce?

eCourses are becoming very popular because it’s a quick, accessible, and affordable route to upgrade or learn a new skill.  The challenge for you then is how you stand out without appearing like a sore thumb.

Some digital marketers or coaches would just ride the next wave or just do what everyone else was doing. However, you can’t cut corners in this one.

The only way to be successful with an eCourse is to stay in your lane and be willing to put in the work. That’s mainly the secret sauce to that.

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