Virtual Marian

About Me

Content is Queen!

I have been transforming brands with bespoke content since 2006! 

Yasssss! This Queen of Content has earned her stripes in the content queendom!

BUT, it’s not just my years of experience that makes me pop out of the mob, but it’s actually MORE of my heart and soul poured into every word I write.

I’m Marian Roncesvalles, a Philippines-based brand storyteller, serial copywriter, and content strategist who focuses on startup entrepreneurs and female or mompreneurs. 

I’m a proud breastfeeding mom and an advocate of Mental Health! Oh, and I consider a library full of books as my version of Disneyland! 

On a regular day, you’ll see me with a toddler on my lap while writing a copy and/or with Hunter, our cat just lazing on my workspace.

I have always labeled myself as a mom first to our 6 kids – Yael, Yuri, Yuan, Yadrian, Ysabella, and Yana as well as a life partner to Joel, my loving and supportive hubby. 

We are the team to beat! They are the love of my life. Needless to say, they fuel my fire!

You see, I’m just like any other mom, but I didn’t want to settle or be average. 

I have that “mommy branding” as Virtual Marian but that isn’t just a branding strategy, that is who I am. 

I am in fact a believer that our kids are not our kryptonite, they do not limit what we can do, they in fact unleash our superpowers. 

You see, life has knocked us down a lot of times in the past but it’s not in my DNA to give up.

You will never know how strong and invincible you are until you become a mom. 

Women and moms, in particular, are QUEENS and unstoppable – we reign, empower, and inspire!

Well, this mom WRITES compelling copy in between changing nappies and breastfeeding yet still nails it like a QUEEN.

You can definitely do this too!

 Let me help you transform your brand like I did mine.


Here’s What You’ll Get From Me!

I will be providing you a BESPOKE CONTENT that fulfills the following:

Content Creation/Writing

Content Branding

Content Strategy

There is a process to “BECOMING” the brand your target market needs. 

Sure, there are tons of experts out there but your consumers want a brand that’s not totally out of their league.

They need a brand that is RELATABLE, like a buddy!

Your brand needs to be able to cave into their pain points and say as-a-matter-of-factly that you’ve been there, in between, and have actually outwitted these growing pains.

That is where I step in to create that content branding STRATEGY + WRITING for you!

Marian Roncesvalles brand storyteller

I can stir interest into your site with blogs that define and amplify your niche.

You need that kind of content that piques interest, generate goose bumps, and captures inner desires!

I always make sure you’ve got consistent and up-to-date blog posts so you get more consistent engagement going on around your brand!

Marian Roncesvalles brand storyteller

A brand isn’t just the logo or all the bells and whistles, but it’s the emotions you ignite within your target audience. 

The little details should showcase your brand. Every single word should resonate with your audience so they’ll linger on and hang on to every word.

I put a human face and pulse right into your brand with a web copy that is intriguing, persuasive, and irresistible that your customers just can’t help but bite into your delectable offers!


Marian Roncesvalles brand storyteller

Emails have always been underrated. But, do you know that majority of sales happen on emails? 

Hmm, light bulb moment! 

Yeah! This is precisely why you should never underestimate the charisma of creating a stunning email copy/sequences.

Newsletters need not be a bore or a chore. Let me handle your email copy to warm up your leads so you’ll get more open rates, click-through, and CONVERSIONS without even trying to be salesy!

Marian Roncesvalles brand storyteller

If the details bore you – let me take care of the grunt work.

Obsessed with details, I can create informative and engaging reports and guides that explode with value bombs that make you a dynamo and authority in your industry!

Marian Roncesvalles brand storyteller

Need a lead magnet or a product? 

Ebooks are one of my favorite creative pursuits so give that to me! 

Allow me to breathe life into your ideas, sell a product or a service, and even showcase your brand or life story in an ebook. 

Whatever niche, genre, or story angle you have in mind, let me knock that out for you!

Marian Roncesvalles brand storyteller

Why reinvent the wheel? Let’s repurpose content from your blog posts or web copy to be used as social media posts or tweets online! 

Viral marketing circles on and is magnified with social media and to gain more visibility and authority online, you need lightweight and powerful words that snags more leads for your business!

I’m available for a retainer or a one-off (per project) thing!