Virtual Marian

About Me

I’m Marian Roncesvalles, a mom of 6 and a Philippines-based Brand Storyteller and Content Strategist since 2006!

My business is 100% built on my advocacies on WOMEN EMPOWERMENT and MENTAL HEALTH

Having a Psychology-degree from Ateneo de Naga University where I also was the Editor-in-Chief of PSYCHE, the Official Publication of the Psychology Department, I started my career in the corporate world as HR specialist, Customer Service Representative, and Editor before I transitioned as a WAHM or freelance writer online.

I chose to work from home or online because I was then pregnant with my eldest and I really want to be a hands-on mom!

When I started out in 2006, the work from home concept was not in the map yet. It’s something that I had to discover on my own.

I had only a laptop and internet connection, so I thought of how I can work from home using the tools I have.

When I started to pursue working from home, I had no guide, no template, no coach or mentor, no nothing, but just a mom’s dream to be able to take care of my baby while earning right from home. 

I sure had no clue what the heck  I was doing, but I did it anyway! 

Seeing all my kids growing up – all beautiful 6 of them, having them sleeping on my lap or on my chest while writing content for my clients is just every mom’s dream state.

And I was working from home, while everyone else I know were busy in the corporate scene, and they were asking me why on earth I had to waste my college degree, shy away from the glam of the corporate lifestyle, and just settle with working from a home office?

Well, to begin with, I never enjoyed the corporate 9-to-5 desk job rat race anyway!

By becoming my own CEO and creating my own 9-to-5, I never dared look back because I am exactly where I want to be — AT HOME with my hubby and kids while earning my dream income!

 Today, I help entrepreneurs, coaches, service providers, startups, and consultants free up their time and calibrate a branding and content strategy that will keep your brand on top of mind so you get heightened brand positioning and MASSIVE SALES for your business!

This mom WRITES IRRESISTIBLE COPY in between changing nappies and breastfeeding yet still nails it like a QUEEN!

Monetizing your genius isn’t about waiting for perfect timing and executions, I just jumped in and did it!

mama ganda and iya pretty

Here’s What You’ll Get From Me!

I will be providing you a BESPOKE CONTENT that fulfills the following:

Content Creation/Writing

Content Branding

Content Strategy

There is a process to “BECOMING” the brand your target market needs. 

Sure, there are tons of experts out there but your consumers want a brand that’s not totally out of their league.

They need a brand that is RELATABLE, like a buddy!

Your brand needs to be able to cave into their pain points and say as-a-matter-of-factly that you’ve been there, in between, and have actually outwitted these growing pains.

That is where I step in to create that content branding STRATEGY + WRITING for you!

Marian Roncesvalles brand storyteller

I can stir interest into your site with blogs that define and amplify your niche. I always make sure you’ve got consistent and up-to-date blog posts so you get more consistent engagement going on around your brand!

Marian Roncesvalles brand storyteller

I put a human face and pulse right into your brand with a web copy that is intriguing, persuasive, and irresistible that your customers just can’t help but bite into your delectable offers!

Marian Roncesvalles brand storyteller

Newsletters need not be a bore or a chore. Let me handle your email copy to warm up your leads so you’ll get more open rates, click-through, and CONVERSIONS without even trying to be salesy!

Marian Roncesvalles brand storyteller

If the details bore you – let me take care of it. Obsessed with details, I can create informative and engaging reports and guides that explode with value bombs that make you a dynamo and authority in your industry!

Marian Roncesvalles brand storyteller

Need a lead magnet or a product? Ebooks are one of my favorite creative pursuits so give that to me! Whatever niche, genre, or story angle you have in mind, let me knock that out for you!

Marian Roncesvalles brand storyteller

Why reinvent the wheel? Let’s repurpose content from your blog posts or web copy to be used as social media posts or tweets online! Viral marketing is all about social media and to gain more visibility and authority online, you need lightweight and powerful words that snags more leads for your business!

I’m available for a retainer or a one-off (per project) thing!