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How To Get People To Sign Up To Your Email List

There seems to be a lot of hustle and bustle with social media; but when it comes to business, people have always preferred the crisp, straightforward, and professional route. Yes, email still remains to be the marketing channel to beat. It’s easy to get blown away by the social media hype. We always get drawn into the limelight or the red carpet treatment but building your email list still remains to be the core of your business marketing strategy.

Importance Of Building An Email List

You might have heard of the famous adage “the money is on the list” – this is what your email list is for. It’s important to build your email list but more so, you have to be particular with the quality of your subscriber list. While you may have thousands of subscribers aboard, there would be tons on that list who are just there for the free ride or the “freeloaders”. The challenge then with stacking up on that crucial email list is how to identify and screen the golden eggs from the bad ones. How do you actually attract the right kind of customers? How do you turn interested customers into loyal and eager subscribers who have the potential and intent to buy? These are what most entrepreneurs are looking to crack to get their hands on that quality email list.

Email Marketing – Why Your Brand Needs It

Email marketing is vital to growing your business. If you are serious about making your brand soar online, you have to invest in building your email list. It’s interesting to note that email marketing is said to generate massive revenue or up to 40 times more as compared to the revenue derived from social media or Twitter and Facebook combined, this is as mentioned on Entreprenuer.

How do you make an irresistible lead or sign up page? How do you make people sign up without hesitation? You should be able to optimize your website’s overall layout with pop-ups and sign-up forms.

What makes up a good sign up form? Generally, most visitors would browse your site to look for something helpful or that would be beneficial to them. They wouldn’t really go to your site to just subscribe to your email list. With that in mind, you should know first-hand what would encourage or attract them to sign up. How persuasive should you be to move them into action? Creating lead magnets is then crucial at this point.

How To Optimally Increase Opt-In Rates

  • Create A Strong Online Presence. Here is where you get to play up on that social media magic to build your brand presence and awareness online. You have to be able to establish a relationship with your audience over social media like Facebook and Twitter. Also, being able to provide value in your content would help in your branding. People would want to get to know your brand first before agreeing to sign up.
  • Create An Irresistible Offer. How do you make people warm up to you enough to subscribe? People would not just hand over their personal information for nothing. How then do you make your site stand out from the rest of the million blogs out there who are looking for subscribers? Well, obviously, you have to create something that is of value to them. Subscribers love “freebies” – who doesn’t? I wouldn’t say no to something free as well. How do you create an enticing freebie offer then? You must be responsive to what your audience wants. You might fall into the trap of creating a freebie that is generic or what they would need but would not always want. You have to meet your audience right on the bull’s eye and provide them exactly what they want.
  • Creating A Compelling Headline. There’s no sense in providing a valuable offer if your site visitors can’t spot them. Headlines should always be benefit-driven and captivate your audience at first glance. This is what makes it compelling in the first place. How do you daw attention to your sign-up form? The key is to lay out the benefits with signing up. This is how you persuade your visitor to subscribe. Your headlines should be eye-catching. There are copy formulas that you can use for creating that persuasive headline.  You can make big claims but make sure that you deliver.
  • Persuade Visitors To Spread Your Newsletter. Encourage people to share or forward an email to their friends list regarding your newsletter. It’s free word-of-mouth advertising via email which is very effective. This helps you spread the word about your brand without being pushy. This becomes more effective because subscribers who send out and share your newsletters would most likely gain positive feedback and potential conversions for your site because they are sharing your brand with their trusted network of friends and colleagues. 

Getting people to sign up to your email list is tricky. When they get into your landing page, they can either sign up or leave. You have to make your offer impossible to resist. How do you do that? Get to know your audience. You cannot make a valuable offer if you hardly know your target market. While it’s true that the money is right into that email list, it’s up to you to grow that list and make the numbers speak for itself. It’s still a numbers game after all. Nail that email list and get those numbers up today.

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