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Why Every Solopreneur Needs A VA

While it could be pretty impressive to be a “jack-of-all-trades” – do a bit of introspection and decide whether you can accomplish it all without any help. Fact is, most solopreneurs won’t survive without a Virtual Assistant (VA). If you’re a startup and couldn’t afford a full-time employee – then a VA would be the best fit for your needs.

Yes, cloud staffing is evolving and is deemed to be the workforce of the future for many entrepreneurs. You can hire a VA for full-time or part-time and get the efficiency and convenience of a virtual staff without requiring his or her physical presence. This is certainly a cost-effective measure of enlarging your margin of profit while narrowing costs. Virtual offices are now combining the idea of mobility and   functionality. It doesn’t really matter if your VA is at the far end side of the world – your clients and business partners wouldn’t know the difference especially if they get results exactly when they need to with a responsive and competent VA.

You can take your hours back yet still be hands-on with managing your business with a reliable VA to delegate tasks to. Here’s why every solopreneur needs a VA and where to get one:

  1. Get To Work With The Experts. Most virtual assistants specialize in varied industries and armed with different skill sets. Diversification is always an advantage as fresh and innovative inputs are brought to the table. More so, virtual assistants who specialize in a particular field of expertise would have more knowledge and experience in a specific aspect of your business.
  2. Provides Real Value To Your Business. It’s hard to find a staff that actually cares for your business or who would work upon short notice or when immediate need arises. This is what separates a 9-to-5 employee from what a VA can accomplish for your business. Employees don’t really work for eight hours a day. A VA can provide actual and tangible results for your business. You pay for actual value than just mere “showing up” for work.
  3. Low Overhead Costs. While you value your VA and pay according to her work output and expertise level, you get to override typical costs that you would have incurred if you have a full-time office employee like having to rent or buy an office space complete with furniture and amenities, pay taxes, cover employment benefits, all the utility bills, et cetera. You get to pay only according to budget range and exact work output desired. Also, if in case you subcontract and you’re being paid by your client $100 an hour, you get a VA and pay him or her $30 per hour then you get to earn $70 extra for such.

In a diverse pool of skilled virtual assistants, finding the right person to fit the role could prove to be challenging but necessary for your business to move forward. You can find reliable and seasoned VAs by networking over social media connections and virtual assistance platforms online. Taking care of the daily mundane tasks could eat up too much of your time and overwhelm any solopreneur to the point of getting burnt out.

Hiring a VA would not just ease off the workload but also allow you to focus your attention to increasing revenue or growing the business as you delegate answering emails, updating website content, or overseeing social media to a reliable VA that works to meet deadlines and exceed your expectations.  An extra pair of hands will certainly help you manage the business and thrive in this highly competitive digital arena.

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