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Why You Need To Be Collecting Emails

Why do many businesses consider building email lists crucial to their campaign’s success? If you are not yet collecting emails, it’s high time to get started before you are left behind. While it’s not just about pioneering it all, the urgency of building your email list is crucial to your brand’s success. In fact, a lot of the biggest brands today consider email as a huge ally in terms of connecting with their target clients.

Email Marketing – Collecting Leads

If you are operating a business in the virtual space or even offline, you should know that email marketing is one of the tried and tested marketing channels that will help you with enhancing customer engagement.

Email marketing has been around since the internet started and it’s picking up momentum by the day; with no signs of even slowing down. With building email lists, you are able to communicate directly to your clients and this is irrevocably the best way to ensure you are building long-term relationships with them. More so, the edge of focusing on email marketing is that this actually works in synergy with other forms of marketing such as with social media, inbound marketing, and content marketing.

You must understand that you are dealing with human nature or people who needs to know they are actually communicating with a real person. While there are brands that focus on page views or social media presence, talking directly to your clients or subscribers via emails is very personal as you get to connect to them directly on a regular basis. This also would not guarantee actual sales or conversions.

Advantages of Email Marketing

Email marketing is proven to have a wider reach as compared to other marketing methods. While this does not downplay the importance of other marketing mechanisms, it actually puts everything into a proper perspective by integrating all these marketing methods to work to your brand’s advantage. Here are the benefits of doing email marketing:

  • It’s Personal. It’s quite rare that business transactions or sales progress or even get done deals via social media like Facebook. Most people use email for business transactions and they get to a sale more often with this medium as compared to other marketing channels. Also, you have to understand that a lot of people do not easily disclose their email addresses. So, if someone trusts you enough to share their email addresses then that’s sacred – a big deal, definitely. It provides you the opportunity to connect personally or establish a one-on-one type of interaction with your customers via email.
  • It’s Got Wider Coverage. While it’s very popular and there is much emphasis now on social media marketing, truth is – emails provide you 3x the audience you want as compared to other marketing channels available. So, you are assured of wider reach with email marketing than with focusing on other marketing channels like Facebook or Twitter.
  • It Has Built-In Longevity. Well, email marketing has been around since the invention of the internet and it’s not going anywhere. You got to build your brand visibility on something tangible and sustainable. While other marketing mediums have come and go, email is bound to stay for keeps. This is then a more valuable investment than other marketing platforms out there.
  • Cost-Effective. Sending out emails and even collecting emails is inexpensive. It would even be pricey to be sending out direct mails to customers than sending emails.
  • Instant Results. Email marketing revolutionizes the power of the internet to deliver quick messages and get timely responses as well. This way, you get to push the numbers without trying too hard. The “speedy” or “quickness” factor is but automated or natural.
  • High Conversion Rates. Well, for one, email marketing is said to have the highest conversion rates. According to Campaign Monitor, email marketing generates 3800% ROI or approximately around $38 for every $1 spent. This is remarkably higher in comparison to other marketing platforms. More so, email marketing is measurable and you can fine tune your campaigns whenever necessary.
  • Tracability. As mentioned, results with email marketing are measurable so you can easily track the effectiveness of your campaign using different tracking metrics to check both the negative and positive responses. This way, you can also refine your campaigns, test them altogether, or even track ROI.
  • Customers Prefer Emails. According to Marketing Cloud, around 72% of individuals prefer to get promotional content via email as opposed to only 17% who would want to receive these via social media channels. Yes, most business people would prefer sales transactions via emails and keep their personal communications on social media as this is where they basically get in touch with family and friends. Also, emails are more professional than using Facebook Messenger. This is where they would prefer to receive promotional offers or business proposals.

Email Marketing Services – Choosing The Right One

Well, there are tons of email marketing services to choose from. Now, how do you choose which one is right for your brand? While the free ones are the easy pick, this might not actually be the best option for your business.

Using a professional email marketing service is your best bet to get massive or maximum returns. Well, this would definitely cost you but consider this as a crucial investment in your business which would pay off in the long run. Here are some of the benefits of getting professional email marketing services:

  • You get to see the email addresses of your subscribers.
  • You are able to send out private mass emails to subscribers.
  • You can easily check subscriber activities.
  • You get to run A/B split tests to check which content or offers usually work best with your lineup of subscribers.

Email List Building Strategies – How To Grow Your Email List

Now, that you know how to pick the right email marketing service, you can move to the next crucial phase of growing your email list. This is extremely important because growing your subscriber list is how you actually rake in the bucks.

You can do this by placing high converting opt-in forms. Yes, WordPress has built-in sidebar widgets but these do not convert well. You can solve this by using OptinMonster that allows you to convert every visitor (even those who are leaving) into subscribers or customers. This also has powerful and intuitive personalization and behavior automation features.

Additionally, you can also integrate Content Upgrades which are considered as the highest converting type of opt-ins. This strategy includes giving your subscribers bonus content right at the end of the blog posts. This is proven to convert 5 times than the regular opt-ins.

It is said that around 70% of users who leave your site will never return again. If you have a business online then it is a must to get those visitors into your email list. Growing or building your email list is basic with running a business online and even if you do operate offline as well. No matter what industry you are in or what niche you are focusing on, you need email marketing as the platform that will arm your business with the virility and agility to get on top of that success labyrinth.

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